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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

And Then, with a Shudder and Whimper of Completion, Elizabeth Says...

I AM FINISHED! My loose ends are tied. My heroine has climaxed. My hero has groveled. My work here is done.

I'm goin' to Disney World!

Oh, sorry. Still trapped in the land of fiction. Actually, I'm going to go get a haircut, because my bangs are down to the bridge of my nose. Then, I'm going to the grocery, because if I say the words "peanutbutter and jelly" or "mac and cheese" or "tuna salad" one more time this week, I'll be in deep doodoo. Then I'm going to the basement to haul out the summer clothes, because we're still wearing long sleeves even though it's been in the 80s some days. Then I'm going to try and remember the names of my loved ones.

Yes, I am finished. Finuto. Finamarino. Finamaramadingdong. At least until tomorrow morning, when I have to do the final read-through for consistency and pacing. By tomorrow afternoon, this sucker is gonna be OUT of my computer, and off to my editor. Who will read it, then call me and say, "You have to change this. And this. And this. And this."

Change schmange. Between now and then, I'll have emptied a bottle of Johnnie Black.

Life is good.
Elizabeth Bevarly, 1:59 PM