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Monday, May 16, 2005

Christina Dodd's recommendation for removing the taste of the second Star Wars movie from your mouth!

THUMB WARS! Yes, I'm actually putting this into a blog. THUMB WARS, if you don't know, is this silly silly half hour movie made with eyes and costumes stuck on someone's thumb and parodying STAR WARS (the good one.) It's now available at Amazon. Fav scene - Luke sitting at his uncle's table and saying, "Harvest, harvest, harvest. All I ever hear is harvest. I don't want to work the harvest." And after he flings himself away, his uncle says, "Man, that kid's a whiner." Fav line - they go to rescue Princess Leia (Princess Bunhead) and are shooting at stormtroopers when she comes running out and says, "I escaped somehow. Let's go." Do you know the number of times I've wanted to take that short cut in my plots?

Anyway, I give it TWO THUMBS UP!!!

Ahahahaha! (cough cough) Sorry.
Christina Dodd, 1:28 PM