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Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Devil has shown up on Our Site and its using Bible references to lure people into damning their computers to PC HELL

As disappointing as this is to relate, I gotta warn all you lovely visitors who come to the SQUAWKERS' blog that there are dire deeds and dreadful demons at work in some of the comments. This morning Terri followed the link posted by some %^&#! (to borrow a phrase from Liz) under Liz's post and her computer is now completely clabooby (that's computerese for "messed up bad.") I have since deleted the post but wanted to warn you that IT may be back and to be careful of what links you click.

So please, please,please don't follow any links posted under comments unless YOU know the person who posted. Those links posted IN the blog I can pretty well assure you are safe--unless Terri has a personality melt-down.

Personally, I hate this. I loved looking at Hugh Laurie dressing to his feminine side.

Connie Brockway, 10:16 AM