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Friday, May 20, 2005

Elizabeth Saves the Day

Well, not really. But we seem to be having a blogjam at Squawk Radio today, what with Lisa and Eloisa off conferencing and Terri having plumbing problems (yes, more of that glamour we see so frequently in our jobs) and Christina off picking out more tile or wallpaper or granite or appliances or sod or something. And who knows where Connie is? Probably picking up sailors again.

I myself am also preparing for a trip tomorrow, though nothing so glamorous as Eloisa and Lisa. No, I get to go to Boulder with my family and thousands of others from all over the world, because my son's Odyssey of the Mind team made the World Finals. For the second year in a row. Not that I'm bragging or anything.

I know we said we weren't going to talk about our kids on this blog, but... !@#$% that. This once. I'm a proud !@#$%ing parent, so I get a pass on this one.

When we went to Finals last year, it was quite the eye-opener. I tried to e-mail Christopher Guest, to tell him this is his next mockumentary in the making, but I can't seem to find an e-mail for him anywhere on the web. The highlight this year--for me, at least--will be the T-shirts the school had made up for the team and all us parents. Lime green. REALLY lime green. Like BLINDING lime green. And they expect us to wear them en masse. Already I'm having nightmare visions of those tour groups that wander around Disney World looking goofy. No, not looking FOR Goofy. That would be okay. We'll be looking GOOFY.

Ah, well. The things we do for our kids. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go get a fanny pack and some power walker sneakers. And put some padding in my jeans to make my butt look really big. Hey, if I have to wear lime green, I'm gonna make it count.

Be good while I'm gone, Squawkers! (Guffaw.) And if anyone knows the proper accessories for lime green, I'd love to hear from you.
Elizabeth Bevarly, 2:58 PM