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Friday, May 27, 2005


Okay, since I shared my swimsuit purchase story, and I feel pressure to be a good Guest Blogger, I figure it's only right that I humiliate myself and share this with you.

So, we head to The Lake again this afternoon. For those of you who don't live in Texas, you might not know that even though we have a gazillion lakes, everyone goes to The Lake.

I'm at The Lake, which in our case is Possum Kingdom, and for those of you who read my contemporaries, yes, it really does exist. We bought a new boat this year, a sexy 23 foot ski boat with lots of power and pull, and we've got the stereo playing some Jimmy Buffett, there's a brew or two aboard, the ultimate sin junk food is stored in the hold--an extra-large package of Cheetos. I'm a happy girl.

I decided I needed to ski. I grabbed my ski, plopped off into the water, and hollered Hit It! The new boat pulled my delicate behind out of the water twice as fast as the old boat. I'm crusin'...skiing...pretending I'm still twenty.

I did a face plant in perfect view of a houseboat full of fraternity boys.

My ski went right, my body went left, and my swimsuit bottoms went...well...to the bottom.

I can't bear to say more. Or, should that be bare???? Anyway, I'm giving thanks tonight for the sunset.

And you know the worst part about it? This means I have to go shopping again!!
Geralyn, 10:28 PM