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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Teresa Begs Geralyn for Insight

Hey Geralyn,
I'm kinda curious about this whole series thing. I tend to write series purely by accident. I would have never written the sequel to BREATH OF MAGIC if I hadn't woken up one day hearing the words, "Tabitha Lennox hated being a witch. The only thing she hated more than being a witch was being a rich witch" and I only wrote ONE NIGHT OF SCANDAL because the little sister in A KISS TO REMEMBER kept bugging me and wouldn't leave me alone. I'm writing a sequel right now for a similar reason.

Now you wrote THE BAD LUCK WEDDING DRESS years ago, right? But now you're continuing that story with two more books. Was it because the idea was haunting you and it never let go after all of these years? Or did you just take a fresh look at that book and think, "I've got so much more I'd like to say!" Or did you look at the market and realize, "Hey! Series are really popular with readers right now!"

Please enlighten the series-impaired!!!

(Oh, and feel free to respond on the Main Blog for this one because I'm sure there are a lot of people interested.)

Teresa Medeiros, 2:54 PM