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Monday, June 06, 2005


Cinderella's Isaac Slippers Posted by Hello

So here I am, heading alone into the cocktail party given by the CEO of Harper Collins. I knew where the restaurant was by the swell of people outside; it turns out there were 800 people on the list. As far as I could see, every publisher, agent, and television reporter in the city was invited, together with a load of Harper Collins authors. Imagine three large crowded rooms, full of intimidating looking strangers. But hurrah! I walked into the party and immediately found Mary Reed McCall and JacquieD'Alessandro, both looking incredibly glamorous and beautiful. A bit later Mary and I decided it was time to Approach Strangers (Jacquie had been scooped up by an admiring gentleman).

It's amazing what wearing a pair of Isaac shoes can do in terms of confidence! Mary and I waltzed up to two men and proceeded to have a very interesting conversation. The one I talked to had written A Cultural History of the Penis, which has been continuously in print for five years. He says the only thing he doesn't like is finding his book filed between a "History of Farting" and a "Guide to Defacation." I could sympathize. He challenged me to guess the five most important people in the history of the penis, but all I could come up with was Freud, so I drifted away.

Then I met a couple of wonderful Wall Street Journal reporters, one of whom, Gwendolyn Bounds, has written what sounds like a terrific book about an Irish pub, coming out next month. I hung out with Lemony Snickett for a while--guess what? He's incredibly funny and dry. He has written adult novels under his own name, and said that he got the idea for Lemony in an effort to stop a long, slow slide into literary failure. Well, he certainly did that.

I ended up at dinner with the mystery writer Laura Lippman, who has a new book out and was on tour. It turns out she is good friends with a very famous television producer, David Simon, who created The Wire. Being a media-free zone, myself, I created some hilarity by never having heard of this show, but it sounds great. Laura told stories about authors who used the corporate credit card (given to you when you're on tour) to buy golfing equipment and have parties for 80 in their hotel room.

In all...it was wonderful. I'm off to Minnesota to see family for a few days. Have fun squawking, all!
Teresa Medeiros, 8:23 AM