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Friday, June 03, 2005

Eloisa back from BEA (Book Exhibit America)!

I spent the day in New York, at the BEA -- this is the biggest book exhibit in America. What happens is that every publisher in the world constructs a booth, or little walls, or even (in the case of a scifi publisher) a whole little magic house. Then thousands of booksellers, librarians, agents, authors and publishing professionals wander through -- picking up free books. It is HEAVEN for book junkies!

So let me tell you what it's like. The Javitz Center is absolutely enormous: three floors full of these exhibits. On the bottom floor there was a long line of desks, and behind each desk, shifting every half hour, is an author. They sit there, signing books for that half hour--and the books are free except for a $1 donation! What's more, a lot of them are ARCs (advance review copies).

Here's two of the really fun books I scored. Mind you, Friday is children's book signing day and Saturday is adults, so mine were on the younger side. There were lots of really famous authors (Mary Higgins Clark, etc, but you had to have a ticket to get in one of those lines, and to get a ticket, you had to be there at 7:30 am).

The best one, from a mom point of view, was the ARC of the sequel to Eragon. If you happen to have an 11 year old male reader in your household, you're likely know just how exciting this is. My son actually hugged me, and he's way too cool for physical contact most of the time, unless I get him in a headlock.

And the next best, from my point of view, is a ARC of a book called Marley and Me about "life and love with the world's worst dog." Marley sounds just like our Milo--who also flunked obedience school. I'm looking forward to this one (I have a weakness for funny, unsentimental memoirs).

I signed copies of Much Ado, which was great because booksellers kind of lined up, which was highly complimentary. One of them asked me how many people usually came to one of my signings, "around 400, would you say?" I said, "No, I wouldn't say that." ha.

Tomorrow is that cocktail party that the CEO of Harper Collins is giving for BEA, the one I bought the designer dress for. I'll let you all know how it goes! Michael Crighton and James Rollins are going to be there, apparently...