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Thursday, June 16, 2005

from ELOISA'S Much Ado About You...

from Much Ado About You...
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Just like Teresa, I find pictures of people in magazines and use them to visualize my heros. To be honest, I didn't do this in the beginning. My first hero was called Alexander (hint: my husband's name is Alessandro). He had silver-shot hair (so does dh). He lived in Italy (dh is Italian). He had quite a temper (so does dh). But after I wrote his story, and that of his identical twin brother, I started to look around for interesting faces.

For those writers among you, I've discovered that pictures of models don't really work (although Teresa's below is an exception--because it's so atmospheric!). Models tend to have too bland faces, so I can't describe them well.

Now here's a male face from my most recent book, Much Ado About You. It's not the hero.

Those of you who've read the book, who do you think it is? And those of you who haven't read the book, what qualities does this face bring to mind for you? What kind of character do you think this man has?

Eloisa James, 11:59 PM