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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Geralyn's photo with the First Lady

Originally uploaded by Christina Dodd.

Then First Lady of Texas Laura Bush is a former librarian and was the official hostess of the Texas Book Festival which donated the proceeds to libraries across Texas. For the featured authors (which included me, Christina Dodd, and Geralyn Dawson and a few other luminaries, see list below), she hosted a breakfast at the Governor's Mansion which was absolutely one of the highlights of my life and I know Geralyn's. We have photos with our husbands in the mansion, and we worked up our nerve to ask Laura Bush to take photos with us, too. (Geralyn says we stalked her thru the mansion, but pay no attention to that. We just sort of followed her until we had a chance to ask.) So since Geralyn is photo-impaired, here's her photo. And since she's the guest, I'll let hers stay up for awhile before I put mine up. An hour or so.

And Geralyn, Robert Duvall didn't write anything, he was there for Horton Foote who was being honored for writing the screenplay for TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD. Remember? Robert Duvall was Boo.

Christina Dodd, 1:50 PM