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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

A Glamorous Farewell

This is my last blog here at Squawk Radio, and I want to thank Teresa, Eloisa, Liz, Lisa, Connie, and Christina for allowing me to visit the henhouse for a week. It's been fun and entertaining and illuminating. I hope you'll invite me back again.

Since I've detailed my personal and professional humiliations throughout the week, I decided I to leave on a more glamorous note, sharing a look at a career related event that doesn't involve lost clothing or clumsy execution.

In 1999, I was invited to participate in the Texas Book Festival as a Featured Author. Authors signed books on the grounds of the state capitol and spoke about our work and career in chambers inside the historic building. There were author receptions and parties and we were wined and dined and treated like royalty. Other Featured Authors included (Warning: Name Dropping Ahead)

Ms. Christina Dodd
Ms. Lisa Kleypas
Robert Duvall (the actor, don't ask me what he wrote 'cause I don't remember)
Mary Higgins Clark
Elmer Kelton
Judith McNaught
Sarah Bird
Sandra Brown
Roy Blount Jr.
Larry L. King
Horton Foote
Jane Smiley
Michael Nesmith (Hey Hey He's a Monkey)

and others....

The highlight of the weekend for me was the breakfast we attended at the Governor's Mansion, hosted by the then First Lady of Texas, Laura Bush. My husband enjoyed the dinner that night at an Austin restaurant where he talked baseball with the former owner of the Texas Rangers, Laura's husband George.

Christina, do you want to tell them how we stalked a certain someone through the Governor's Mansion to get our pictures? (I wanted to title this blog Stalking Her Name, but I was afraid the FBI might show up at my door if I did.)

So see, Squawk Readers, I may be a fool in the swimsuit department dressing room, and a klutz on the lake, but I can do Famous Author Glamour, too. I didn't spill my orange juice in the Governor's Mansion or tell Robert Duvall his green jacket was downright ugly.

Nor will I mention how Christina Dodd and I ended the day posing for a picture in a storm sewer pipe in Austin, Texas.
Geralyn, 12:21 PM