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Monday, June 20, 2005

Hello from Debbie

Hello fellow Squawkers! Thanks for the invite to join this illustrious, clever, witty and talented group of ladies. I’m honored. That said, no one told me I get to post pictures. Not a problem, though, because I don’t think my husband would like it if I did, anyway. He’s kind of shy, but I do have a fabulous photo of him in the bathtub buried under bubbles. Now if I can find a way to sneak it out of the house . . .

I want everyone to know I think Richard Simmons is adorable. I did an autographing with him once and he wore, I kid you not, his exercise clothes. He was a hoot. I’ve hopped along to his tapes myself a time or two when I wasn’t able to swim.

Yes, I swim. Early in the morning before most of the world is awake, I climb into an Olympic size pool with other chlorine lovers . . . now that’s an idea. I’ll bring photographs of the guys I swim with. There’s Jesse, he’s 80 and hot! (I’m hot, too, but that’s mostly due to menopause!) There’s Greg and Mike and Pere and, I swear to you, not a one of them weighs over 120 pounds. They’re the ones who inspired me. In my foolishness I assumed that if I frolicked around in a swimming pool four mornings a week that it would be like magic and viola—I, too, would soon weigh 120 pounds. Are you laughing yet? Suffice it to say I don’t. It could be that Krispy Crème donut stop on the way home.

But alas, I’ve gotten sidetracked. I’ll supply pictures.

Debbie Macomber
Debbie M, 2:25 PM