Squawk Radio

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Lynn graciously said yes, told me to come at seven, and promised the firefighters would be serving in their suspenders and boots.

So at seven I trotted over with my camera and met the incredibly nice guests. I introduced myself and gave them autographed books as a bribe to let me horn in on their dinner. They invited me to sit down and eat because one of their group had had to cancel at the last minute and they had an extra meal. I had to refuse — I’d just had dinner.

Pizza! I’d eaten pizza! And I could have had a seven course meal! Served by firefighters! (Christina makes small, snuffling noises of heartbreak.)

(from left to right, the firefighters are Matt Flemming, Scott Hall, Todd Fisher, Ryan Provenger and Dave Parker. The women are ... um ... well, I didn't catch their names. But they were great!)
Christina Dodd, 1:11 AM