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Monday, June 20, 2005

Teresa Consults the Great Macomber for Wisdom

Now that you're here, Debbie, I can't wait to pick your brain! Just from some things I've read, I know that you're big into Motivation and Goal Setting and Planning Your Success and essentially Being Responsible for Your Own Professional Destiny. For those of us who tend to believe that every good thing that happens in this business is the result of our own genius and every bad thing is the result of a gypsy curse, I'd love to hear about some specific tips in those areas that have worked for you.

You've had such extraordinary longevity in an industry that's been known to use authors up like old Kleenex. I'd also like to know if you can pinpoint any specific turning points in your career where you could just feel yourself climbing to that next professional plateau such as 1) the Shirley, Goodness, and Mercy books 2) when you'd written your 100th category title 3) your first hardcover 4) your first NYT bestseller 5) your first hardcover NYT bestseller, etc. I know you've never been one to rest on your laurels, but I'd love to know exactly what moments in your career made you toss your hat in the air and sing, "You're gonna make it after all!"

Teresa Medeiros, 8:28 PM