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Saturday, June 11, 2005


And speaking of age-related issues as Liz did so brilliantly below, I just had a write-up done in the June 2005 issue of KENTUCKY MONTHLY magazine by reporter Steve Flairty. The article was absolutely fabulous, but I was horrified when Steve referred to me as "the ebullient **-year old" (age removed to protect the illusion that I'm younger than I actually am). Can you demand a retraction if they print your real age? Fortunately "ebullient" did mean what I thought it did--lively, enthusiastic, sparkling, bubbling. So I'm guessing that means I'm incredibly perky for my advanced age. The next time a reporter asks me my age, I'm going to try Christina's favorite tactic--lie.

You'll be glad to know the reporter redeemed himself a few paragraphs later when he called me "slim and athletic." (So who needs bifocals now?)

One of the best parts of this well-written and well-researched article were these quotes from our very own Squawker, Elizabeth Bevarly:

Liz Bevarly, another successful romance writer from Kentucky, truly respects Medeiros' work. "Where a lot of historical writers stick with one time period or country, Terri's taken her stories to several different places and several different times. She follows her heart instead of marketing trends, letting her characters and story dictate the setting of a book." Bevarly also likes the light-hearted, hopeful message Medeiros gives her readers. "Terri is wicked funny, and I think that shows up in her writing. And no matter how rough the job get sometimes, she preseveres, and she stays the course. Her readers would probably agree with Bevarly's summation. "When you read a book by Teresa Medeiros, you find warmth, you find depth, you find humor, you find hope. And you always close the book with a smile and a sigh."

Um, Liz--I have two questions for you???
1) Can I use that last part as an official Elizabeth Bevarly quote?
2) Where do I send your check?
Teresa Medeiros, 10:01 AM