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Friday, July 01, 2005

Elizabeth Posts the Anti-Donnie Osmond

Originally uploaded by EliBev.
I have just returned from my walk in an 89-degree evening with humidity of about a billion percent. And I listened to Social Distortion the whole way. Meaning I was walking at about sixty mph. I came THIS CLOSE to spontaneously combusting. 'Cause Mike Ness, the lead singer, is way hot. He is the complete antithesis--nay, they complete antidote--to that Donnie Osmond kid Terri shoved down our throats earlier this week. Now THIS is a guy who can wear eye liner. And nobody uses the F-word like he does. Not even ME.

Oh, yeah, baby. Rock 'n' Roll. He can leave his footprints on my ceiling anytime. (Gotta have the CD "Sex, Love and Rock and Roll" to get that one.) Forget MTV. I want my Social D!
Elizabeth Bevarly, 6:45 PM