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Thursday, July 07, 2005

SQUAWK BOAST from Eloisa

Hi everybody,
I just wanted to squawk about the fact that my website has finally gone live with a password-protected set of Readers' Pages. Please come over and see -- you can become an Eloisa Reader without having to sign up for the mailing list unless you want to. On those pages, I have a bunch of great stuff: a free short story connected to my Pleasures series, a crossword puzzle I commissioned that takes its clues from the Duchess in Love series, and a fun feature called Bulletins from Eloisa's Desk that will change all the time. Please visit Eloisa James.com and check it out!

Elizabeth's website also has a gorgeous new face to it, to go along with all those sassy new books she's got coming out (I think I speak for the Squawkers when I say that people who write twenty pages a day and have personal trainers are hard to stay friends with!). Here's Elizabeth's site!
Eloisa James, 1:50 AM