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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Teresa Showcases Another Cute Guy with a Big Weapon!

Hey, get your minds out of the gutter! It's just the adorable Brendan Fraser from THE MUMMY. Anybody remember that first scene where he's locked up in the cage--sweaty and unwashed with long hair? My jaw certainly dropped. I mean, he was cute in ENCINO MAN and GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE, but in THE MUMMY, he achieved a whole new level of hunkiness. His character, Rick O'Connor, was the perfect romance novel hero--he was adorable, he had a self-mocking sense of humor and he was just a wee bit goofy. Whenever Hollywood says that historical romances don't make good films, I can only refer them to two of the biggest box-office successes in recent years--THE MUMMY and PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN.

Besides the more obvious examples like PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, can anyone think of any rousing (and arousing) historical romance adventures that made it to the big screen?
Teresa Medeiros, 6:37 PM