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Monday, July 04, 2005

Where Lisa's going!

Dear Squawkers and friends,

Having been in the special section of hell reserved for writers-with-tight-deadlines-who have children-out-of-school, I am finally emerging into the sunlight! I have done my best to lurk and loosely keep in touch, but now I have only ten pages of Happy Ending to write, so I should be showing up around here a lot more often now.

Once a year I take my children (and sometimes my protesting husband) to DisneyWorld, so I can run around, shriek and play like a ten year-old. I have a special ability to embarrass my family, and believe me, I make good use of it. So for the next few days, I will be in Florida, and I will be checking in with the squawkers on my husband's computer unless it is obliterated by some airport security x-ray or something.

My four year-old daughter and I will be seeking princess music, princess fashion, and princess attitude. There's a new show called "Cinderellabration" . . . we'll report on it for our similarly princess-minded friends. BTW, my daughter and I have a very liberated view of being a princess . . . we would never sit around to be rescued. We're princesses who fight dragons. We use our brains. We even vacuum when absolutely necessary.

My daughter's favorite princess is Ariel. Mine is Belle. Who's your favorite princess, cartoon or otherwise?

Love to all!
Lisa Kleypas, 7:58 PM