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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Auction Update!

I hope the lovely and talented Jacquie D' doesn't mind if I pop in here for a minute. Just wanted to update everyone on our auction for Leslie. (And I'm sorry I haven't been around to visit with the lovely and talented Jacquie D', but you people are so !@#$%ing generous, I'm up to my ears in eBay invoices. And I have one of those...whattayacallem...BOOKS, that's it...that I really need to finish sometime this month.)

But you guys are incredible!!! We've raised over THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS for Leslie and her family so far, and the bids are still rising. In fact, this puppy has been so incredibly successful, we're going to extend it for a couple more weeks. The Squawkers have dug deep into their closets (and for some of us, this involved dangers rivaling asbestos), and found yet MORE riches to put up for sale. And we've suddenly remembered friends we never knew we had (or, rather, they never knew they had in us--but they're about to find out) whom we are going to hit up for MORE.

Rumor has it we have an autographed John Grisham waiting in the wings, along with an autographed copy of MIDNIGHT IN THE GARDEN OF GOOD AND EVIL. One Squawker's editor is looking around for ARCs of future books to offer for sale. And the incredibly generous Janet Evanovich has pledged a hardback copy of TO THE NINES which she will personally autograph for the winning bidder.

Check back later today (I hope--really must get some writing in), but certainly tomorrow for some additional treasures. Holidays are just around the corner. And who wouldn't love an autographed book?

A million thanks to all of you! (Oh, and Hi, Jacquie D'! Welcome to the Radio!)
Elizabeth Bevarly, 12:36 PM