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Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Squawkers Have Adopted A Family...and So Have You!

Like you, we simply couldn't watch the devastation down in New Orleans and not do anything about it. So, please, let's use the blog in an opportunity to make someone's life better right now.

Here's Leslie Ferdinand and her mom. They write romance as Christine Holden. Leslie has three children -- and one of them is only two weeks old! Besides her two week old daughter, she has a 27 month old daughter and a 9 year old daughter.They have lived in New Orleans all their lives (and their books are set there) and now they, as have countless others, have lost everything. Cruelest of all, her dogs were lost.

Leslie needs everything and we're going to try to get her as many of those things that make life livable as possible. Due to the kindness of a second hand store, the children have clothes to put on. But Leslie and her mom don't.

We think gift certificates to BestBuy or Walmart -- any major company -- are the most beneficial, because it would allow Leslie to pick out her own items. The gift certificates should be made out to Leslie Ferdinand. Eloisa is going to act as the clearing house for the cards.

And the squawkers have lots of ideas for auction items in the days to come. Anyone want leather bound copies of the Potent Pleasures series or out-of-print copies of Connie Brockway's Promise Me Heaven? Or the chance to have lunch with the Squawkers at the next Romance Writers of America conference in Atlanta?

A kind soul has offered Leslie a garage apartment to live in with her children for a couple of weeks...so think about what that means: towels, vacuum cleaner, shampoo, cooking pans, toys... We need a lot of gift cards! Any amount you can manage is hugely appreciated.

Here's Eloisa's address.

Eloisa James
PO Box 835
Summit, NJ 07902

Small stuff like a book (a romance, of course!) or a CD would be lovely too. Please send a little note along for Leslie--part of this will just be letting her know how much people know and care about her situation!.

We'll post weekly and let you know how Leslie is doing, and how our adoption process is going. God bless you!

Eloisa James, 11:05 PM