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Friday, October 28, 2005

Eloisa...Just Address Me as Your Majesty!

So we've talked about our children's Halloween costumes...but what about our own? Now I have to tell you that I haven't dressed up in a few years, other than putting on a witch's hat so I can answer the door in festive style while handing out treats. BUT...this year I got invited to a party. A Serious Party. The kind that says:

Costumes, or Else

The kind that is given by Bette Midler to sponsor her wonderful parks projects in New York City, with a live auction hosted by Martin Short, and the entertainment?

Elton John!

I need a costume, right? So I wandered out of my university office two days ago and found my way into a proper costume place, one that has been collecting costumes from the theater and stage and then renting them out. I'm going as Marie Antoinette! My skirt is huge, and I have panniers to wear under it so that I have to go through doorways sideways. I have the tightest little push-up bustier you can imagine, and a tiny velvet shrug on top. AND...the topper: a towering white wig with a pink feather!

Don't worry...I will post pictures. I can't wait! I'm thinking of how to put on a beauty spot: Lisa, do you have any advice? I was thinking of eyelash glue and a small velvet spot.

Who else has a party coming up and is going to do some proper dress-up? Is anyone going to town?
Eloisa James, 12:01 PM