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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Squawkers Welcome Susan Sizemore!

About thirteen years ago (when I was twelve), my then-editor said, “Christina, I want you to meet Susan Sizemore. She writes a lot like you.” Hm, I thought. So she’s talented. I hate her. (This is my knee-jerk reaction to any talented author — it works well for me.) Then I read her first book, WINGS OF THE STORM, a medieval time-travel, and realized just how clever, insightful and just plain funny she was. Hm, I thought, I don’t mind having her compared to me. But I still hate her.

Then I met her. So okay. I’ve had to look for new authors to hate because not only does Sizemore write clever, insightful and funny books, but she’s a clever, insightful and funny person who, dammit, is also one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. She also has a diverse talent — she’s written time-travel romance, romantic suspense, epic fantasy and fantasy short stories, historical romance, television spin-offs (for “Forever Knight”), straight vampire (the Laws of the Blood books) and vampire romance. Out right now is CRAVE THE NIGHT, a compilation of her first three vampire romances, I BURN FOR YOU, I THIRST FOR YOU, and I HUNGER FOR YOU. Her next in the Prime series is MASTER OF DARKNESS, out in February.

So naturally when we wanted a guest to get us in the mood for Halloween, we asked Susan. Please help us welcome Susan Sizemore!
Christina Dodd, 7:35 PM