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Monday, October 24, 2005

Unexpected Treasure Finds Xtina

When I was first published, I imagined that everyone from my high school (where I was possibly the head nerd) would know I was famous and get in touch so they could fawn over me. And it happened just like that.

Okay, maybe it took fourteen years and twenty-five books before one of my best friends from junior high and high school noticed I was published — but the wait made it more cool! Last year Rae sent me an email, and it was great to catch up and realize that two awkward, glasses- and braces-wearing teenagers (yes, she was my competition for head nerd) from Nampa Junior High School in Nampa, Idaho had managed to have two amazingly successful careers, her as speech-writer for some well-known politicians and me as … well, you know.

Today it happened again, but from much, much farther back. One of my friends from grade school contacted me and said, among other things, “I had a best friend in Sunnyvale, California in early grade school. Her name was Christina Dodd … I have fond memories of our creative play together (thanks to her imagination and my ability to go along with her direction).” I was so thrilled to hear from Delores! But I’m not sure … did she say I was bossy? I was not, and I wrote back and told her to stop saying so.

Everybody has their good friends they lose track of and wish they knew where they were, what they were doing, and what they look like. And sometimes if you’re lucky, like I was today, you find out. Have you had a wonderful reunion with an old friend? Tell us about it!
Christina Dodd, 12:10 AM