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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Eloisa...with Thanks to Squawk!

We had a discussion on Squawk a while ago about children's books -- I think I had posted the cover of a Wizard of Oz book that I was reading to my daughter. In the comments section, someone mentioned a book she had loved as a child...The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles, by Julie Edwards. It was a eureka moment for me because I remember adoring that book!

So I popped onto Amazon and sure enough, a while later a slightly battered but perfectly legible copy of the book fell through my mailbox door. And I just finished reading it to my daughter. I'd forgotten a lot...I read it as a child, and I found the style of writing less entrancing (an omnicient narrator is a very hard act to juggle), but the imagination just as wonderful: the flowers that smell like baked bread, the cats that talk, and the Whiffle Bird who only speaks in in emergencies. And since my daughter was not interested in the workability of an omnicient narrator, she adored it.

So this is a Squawk Thank You! Thank you to whoever mentioned the Wangdoodle, from myself and my daughter.

Has anyone else found a CD, or a book, or something they loved through the blog?
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Eloisa James, 12:04 PM