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Tuesday, November 01, 2005


I found Connie Brockway in the Discounted Candy section of her local Target yesterday (Halloween) stockpiling huge quantities of candy for something she called “the horror.” I thought this was sort of generous of her, not to mention uncharacteristic, until she explained that “the horror” wasn’t Halloween but the release of her latest story, “Glad Rags” in the TRUE LOVE WEDDING DRESS anthology. And, yes. She is a comfort eater.

Here’s a taped transcript of our conversation.

KITTY: Yo, Brockway. This summer when MY SURRENDER came out you told everyone it was your last historical romance and, slap me on the forehead and color me surprised, here you have a story in THE TRUE LOVE WEDDING DRESS anthology set in VICTORIAN ENGLAND. Which I guess makes you a BIG FAT LIAR.

CONNIE: Settle down, Kitty. Here, have a Snicker’s bar. “Glad Rags” the NOVELLA in the ANTHOLGY is a short story—not a whole book. So I’m thinking that makes me only a pleasingly plump liar. Besides, I was forthcoming with that information. I sent out a notice about “Glad Rags” and a teaser in my email newsletter which, had you subscribed to it, you would have known. Here... it’s NEWSLETTER@conniebrockway.com .

KITTY: Yeah. Like that’s gonna happen. Okay, since you do have this story out what should we know about it?

CONNIE: The TRUE LOVE WEDDING DRESS is Catherine Anderson’s brainchild. She wrote the bible for a series of interconnected stories involving a wedding dress with mystical properties—whoever possesses the dress will be assured of finding their true love. Then, as soon as the dress has worked its magic, it disappears only to reappear where needed most.

KITTY: Doesn’t sound like your sort of book.

CONNIE: How would you know? Have you ever read one of my books?

KITTY: Point taken. Okay. It doesn’t sound like you.

CONNIE: Point taken. But then, that’s what makes this sort of challenge so fun! Being handed a lovely concept like a true love wedding gown, taking it and making a story out of it that is unmistakably your own. "Glad Rags" is unmistakably a Brockway story with, I hope, a great walloping dose of irreverence, playfulness and humor underscoring a very sexy romance.

You know, I said “a Snickers” not “three Snickers.” Gimme that bag back.

KITTY: Four Snickers, but who’s counting? I’ve heard the hero would be what is called in modern terms an “uber-male” but has a little gambling problem.

CONNIE: Oh, he is! He does. I was laughing while I was writing his first scene and no, I’m not telling you anything more other than he gambles away something with more than material value.

KITTY: Crap. I might have to borrow the damn book. But you say Catherine Anderson is in it so at least it’s got that going for it. And how come you get to keep eating candy bars and I can’t? Man, you’re selfish, Brockway.

CONNIE: Catherine Anderson, Barbara Metzger AND Casey Claybourne and I get to eat the bag because I’m paying for it.

KITTY: You mean your thighs are paying for it.

CONNIE: What? What did you say?

KITTY: Nuthin’. Casey Claybourne and Barabara Metzger, too? I am sold! I’ll even read your story, Brockway.

CONNIE: Wow. You are too good to me. Really.

KITTY: Yeah, well, that’s the kinda hairpin I am. Generous to a fault. Not like some people I know. I’ll let you know when I’m done with your story. I might even write an online review. In fact I will! I’ll even write an Amazon review! Maybe a couple—Hey, hey! What are you--Wow, Connie! All ten bags? For me! Thanks!

CONNIE: No problemo, Kitty, my friend. Wanta hit DQ for a Pumpkin blizzard? Yeah? Great! Walk with me. I might have a few suggestions about what you could say in your review. You might start with, "Connie Brockway is the best freaking writer in the world..."
Connie Brockway, 8:46 AM