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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

KITTY: Settle down! Damn, you women are immature! What the hell do you think is going to happen, that Ms Henley—one of the few women to have been on this blog whom I actually respect (yeah, you squawkers can make of that what you will!)—and I are going to start mud-wrestling or something? For cryin’ out loud. I’m sorry about this, Virginia. The Squawkers attract a decidedly odd following.

First, let me say this— your depictions of certain luvvvv gymnastics have helped inspired many an uninspired lover for me. So beaucoup merci, babe! Now, on to the interview...

What was the first romance YOU ever read and how'd you like it?

VIRGINIA: When I was 12, I read my mother's FOREVER AMBER and it shocked the devil out of me. The sex scenes made me feel sick to my stomach. (However, I did manage to finish it.)

KITTY: Really? Wimp.
You're known for your hot love scenes and gritty historical backdrops, has your style changed over the years and, if so, how?

VIRGINIA: My style hasn't really changed. The combination of hot sex and gritty history worked for me, so I never change it. Of course 25 years ago when I started, forced sex was acceptable. I've toned it down a little bit!

KITTY: Yeah. I noticed that. Damn it. Well, I guess all we can do is hope for a renaissance of political incorrectness.

You got more bling than an NBA all-star! Are they from ex-lovers? (Have I ever showed you the cigar band Castro gave me?)

VIRGINIA: Yeah, Right! I've been married to the same man for 50 years. I buy my own jewelry and mix fake and real gems all together. With me--more is more.

KITTY: I can’t help but notice that you wear a size 0. Hm. How do you keep that figure, you bitch?!

VIRGINIA: My weight never changes even though I don't diet or exercise--I have old lady arms, though.

KITTY: Oh, right. Like I believe that. I haven’t seen a waist that trim outside a junior high school-- Oh, yeah we're supposed to be talking about books. What's your next book and when can we look forward to it?

VIRGINIA: UNMASKED came out in September and was set in the time of Charles II. Signet has moved my next book up to July. It's the sequel to my medieval A YEAR AND A DAY and tells the story of Jory de Warenne.

KITTY: Tell us something about it.

VIRGINIA: Well, in the first book I left Jory pregnant with Robert Bruce's child, so I decided to go back in her life to when she was 18 and tell her whole story.

KITTY: In a time when authors (like Brockway, Dodd and Kleypas) are jumping on every bandwagon that passes within a few feet of them, you have stayed true to historical romances. Ever think of doing a contemporary? Why or why not?

VIRGINIA: I won't write contemporary because I don't do it well. History is my passion, not writing books.

KITTY: You're an ex-pat Brit, aren't you? How'd you get here-- and do NOT say "on a plane."

VIRGINIA: I emigrated to Canada with my parents when I was 12. We sailed on the Acquitania during March gales and I was seasick every bloody day!

KITTY: Okay, Virgina, it’s time for the Stupid Question part of the interview:

First, if you could be a gemstone what would it be?

VIRGINIA: I'd be amber, although it isn't strictly a gemstone. All those inclusions such as insects fascinate me.

KITTY: Second, cruise or caravan?

VIRGINIA: When I was young and innocent, I would have chosen a caravan and a romantic sheik, but after seeing so many deserts on the news, I've had enough sand, thank you, and I now realize there are NO dashing sheiks! I'd cruise around the Greek Isles.

KITTY: Third, feathers or whip cream?

VIRGINA: Oh, feathers, hands down! They tickle my fancy. Although, I'm very superstitious about the evil eye on peacock feathers. Just give me a big ostrich feather fan to cover my naughty bits and I will strut my stuff.

KITTY: And finally...wanta mud-wrstle?

VIRGINIA: With a name like Kitty, you must be Irish. All Irish are eccentric, I know this for a fact because I come from a long line of Irish ancestors.

However, I thought it was only the men who drank too much.

Are you sure you're not Mrs. Giggles?
Connie Brockway, 11:38 PM