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Thursday, November 24, 2005


Okay, sentimental fool that I am, I decided to poll the squawkers on the top ten things they were thankful for. This ought be good. (If Kleypas doesn't come in with "lycra" in spots 5-8 you'll know she's a liar.)

So I'll start out with me.


10) male bodies (no, you can't make me choose which part)
9) male bodies (but I bet you can)
8) electrolysis
7) single malt scotch
6) blended scotch
5) Scotsmen-- in kilts-- drunk on scotch
4) Cubana Perfecta cigarillos
3) Harleys
2) the 60's!
1) antibiotics



10) My good friend, Connie Brockway
9) That delicious vixen, Connie Brockway
8) The fabulously talented Connie Brockway
7) The exceptional sublime works of my dear friend, Connie Brockway
6) The masterful word use of the dazzling romance novelists, Connie Brockway
5) The razor sharp wit of Connie Brockway
4) The evocative love scenes penned by that vunderkind of literature, Connie Brockway
3) The wisdom inherent in every book written by Connie Brockway
2) The selflessness of Connie Brockway
1) The artistic talent of Connie Brockway

Hey, wait a minute. Isn't Christina on vacation in NYC?

How about you guys, what are you thankful for?


10) That my neighbors don't sleep with chickens, so no bird flu in the NJ suburbs
9) That teenagers start bathing at some point, because I've been promised that
8) That my mother-in-law is taking care of the dog who became incontinent
7) That incontinent guinea pigs live in a cage and don't run around the house
6) That I don't ever have to go through high school again
5) Ditto on the senior prom
4) That red wine exists
3) Ditto xanax
2) The smell of babies' heads
1) Friends. Near and Far. Internet and Otherwise...


10) Okay, I'll say it: LYCRA
9) The livestock wandering through my house
8) The gift certificate for a 90 minute massage sitting on my desk
7) Wine. All wine. Except bad wine. Not thankful for bad wine.
6) A fabulous family of fabulous cooks many of whom will be showing off their fabulous skills in THREE HOURS
5) Okay, now I need to say it again: LYCRA (especially in jeans)
4) Christina Dodd's excellent taste
3) Unlimited time onphone calls between network subscribers (otherwise we'd be in a cardboard box)
2) books
1) my families, the one I was born into and the many I wasn't. And lycra.


1) My husband and son (Yes, they’re one unit. In fact, the three of us are one unit.)
2) My mom
3) My mom’s legendary dressing cookies, available only once a year on Thanksgiving
4) Creme brulee
5) Silk pajamas
6) Johnnie Walker Black (Oh, come on. You knew it was coming.)
7) The happy thrum of a cat’s purr when it’s curled up in your lap
8) Patchouli soap
9) Christmas lights
10) Beaches


1) My mother-in-law who is such a wonderful and enthusiastic cook that I've never had to learn how to cook a turkey and who insists that I bring nothing but my beautiful smile to Thanksgiving Dinner (because she's obviously eaten my cooking before)
2) Russell Crowe
3) My darling husband, the love of my life
4) Russell Crowe
5) My precious kitties Queenie and Buffy (also known as The Buffster, Little Love, The Brat Cat, and H.R. Buffenstuff.)
6) Russell Crowe
7) Starbuck's nonfat, decaf lattes with 2 Splendas
8) Russell Crowe
9) Having a job where I get paid to play endless games of Spider Solitaire while trying to think of something clever to write
10) Having modest friends like Connie Brockway

10) A bottle of good red wine
9) Internet shopping
8) My own espresso machine
7) George Clooney
6) Writing on computer instead of typewriter
5) All things Disney
4) Books
3) Husband who still likes to kiss
2) Snuggling with children
1) Friends who think it's just fine to be crazy
Kitty Kuttlestone, 10:02 AM