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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Lisa fashionista warns "Christmas is coming . . ."

I know, I know, we're not even through with Thanksgiving. But dear friends, it's time for that annual marathon of frantic shopping known as going-into-debt-to-buy-things-for-friends-and-family-that-they-don't-need. In a word, Christmas! Now, if I could afford it, I would simply buy a hundred ipod nanos, pass them out to everyone and be done with it. But no. So I'm planning out the Christmas budget and making a list.

The goal : affordable gifts with the appearance of luxury. If you have some good suggestions, please, I beg you, don't hold back! Children are relatively easy, so I'm concentrating on grownup gifts. Here are a few things for adults that I know for certain are great and reasonably priced:

1. Target cashmere sweater by Isaac Mizrahi

One of the reasons I am a dedicated Tar-jay shopper. These 100 percent cashmere sweaters come in beautiful colors, they're soft and luxurious and they're only THIRTY NINE DOLLARS!

2. Lands End flannel pants

I bought these for my husband Greg last year, and they're incredibly comfortable and have washed beautifully. Twenty dollars and worth every penny.

3. Bath and Body Works : Shearling Bear

This cucumber melon body wash and lotion smell insanely good, and they're perfect for making dry winter skin feel pampered. Twenty-two dollars, but remember the products are full-sized, and the adorable bear is included!

4. Barefoot Dreams adult robe for men or women

The Barefoot Dreams Company started out making baby blankets and then robes and throws for adults. The knit fabric of this robe is the fluffiest, most unbelievably soft and cuddly stuff you've ever felt. Put one on warm from the dryer. It's a wearable climax. Worth 99 dollars? Yes. Oh, yes. You can buy one at www.amazon.com or www.nordstrom.com

Let's help each other with gift suggestions for men and women. This may save us time, money, aggravation, and then instead of fighting the crowd at the mall, we can sit down with a romance novel and put our feet up! Any great new stuff you've heard about this year? What gifts do you especially like to give or receive?
Lisa Kleypas, 8:59 AM