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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Revealed at last! The winner of the "Be a Guest Squawker" Item in Our Recent Auction for Leslie Ferdinand!

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But first, a few interesting statistics about that auction. We had a total of 100 items up for bids. Those items were donated by 38 authors and 4 Squawk Radio readers. The total number of bids for those items was 1,493. (Wow.) And the final total for money raised for Leslie and her family was (drum roll, please)... $6,248.64! Woo hoo! And it's all thanks to you wonderful, generous, fabulous people.

We sent a check to Leslie for $3,000.00 midway through the auction, and shortly after it ended, Eloisa purchased her a computer (at Leslie's request) for $1,167.00. That leaves $2,081.64 in the account just waiting for Leslie to get into her new digs. Whenever she's ready, that check is in the mail. (Really. And it attests to my astonishingly good character that I haven't taken the money to the mall. All those embroidered, bejeweled jeans and velvet jackets are totally beckoning me. Oh, but we were talking about something else, weren't we...?)

Now then. The most successful item in that auction--who knew?--was the "Be a Guest Squawker" item, which sold for a staggering $395.00! So who is the mysterious woman who made such a magnanimous gesture? Who was the one who was foolish enough...ah, I mean, FABULOUS enough...to want to spend a day squawking with us? Well, it's time for the Big Reveal.

She's a proud Left Coast resident with an occasional New York attitude. (Like that's a problem on this blog.) A lifelong writer who is an editor-at-large for anything her friends write, from resumes to book proposals, but who also has a penchant for making unsolicited edits on everything that comes across her desk. (And that's a problem because...?) She is a firm believer that four books is an adequate number to carry while traveling, but that 12 books in a separate "library carry-on" is better. (Like we'd disagree with that.) She's a lover of handbags, shoes, funky suits, Sephora, T-shirts, flip-flops, bathing suits and fancy dresses. (We Squawkers are right there with ya...until the bathing suit part.) She's a world traveler, an art lover, obsessed with music and sports, and prefers four adjective coffee orders (medium, two-pump, hazelnut, non-fat) and single-adjective drink orders (three-olive). (Oh, yeah. So with you there.) She's... She's...

Okay, hang on a minute. She's turning out to be WAY more interesting than any of us. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea...

Oh, what the hell. It's for Leslie. Tomorrow morning, our Guest Squawker will make her stunning debut. So, c'mon, everybody. Put your hands together for the delightful, the enchanting, the big-hearted, (and frankly way-too-adorable for this blog)...

Elizabeth Bevarly, 11:22 AM