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Friday, November 18, 2005


Mind you, I’m not a crossword puzzle fanatic. In fact, I’m really bad at them. But my mom was an aficionado, and so is my husband, so when I got this email tonight, I was absolutely ecstatic.

Hey, Christina. Has anyone let you know yet that you made the LA Times online crossword puzzle?

Go to: http://games.latimes.com (you may have to register, but it doesn't cost anything).

Click on the Daily crossword. You need the puzzle for Friday, 11/18/05. If you're too late and it gives you a later puzzle, look right above the puzzle box for the for the "previous date" / "today's crossword" links.

You, m'dear are "# 13 Down: Romance Novelist named Christina"

The answer, of course, is DODD!

I guess that means you have really arrived. Never mind all those best seller lists. You're in the LA Times Crossword!

My thanks to Janis Reams Hudson for letting me know. I feel like a star!
Christina Dodd, 11:21 PM