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Thursday, December 01, 2005


For anyone who's new to Squawk Radio, Leslie Ferdinand and her mother are romance writers who lost everything in the Katrina hurricane. We collected gift cards and items to send to Leslie, who found a temporary home in a garage apartment down a dirt road deep in Texas.

Well, I wish I had better news to give everyone; we were hoping Leslie and her family would be in an apartment by now. But in FEMA's greater wisdom, they moved her to a Houston suburb, but then the apartment they were going to move her into turned out to be uninhabitable, at least for the moment (a rusted out sink is one thing, but air conditioning stuck on at full blast?). So Leslie is in a hotel, trying desperately to find an apartment as soon as she can. The Squawkers want to try to cheer up Leslie's and her children's Christmas--whether it's in a hotel or an apartment!

We have the presents covered -- because the wonderful Laura T. decided to give up her own family's Christmas and instead spent her Christmas budget getting everyone in Leslie's family and carefully chosen, absolutely perfect present. Hurrah for Laura T!

So we thought we would try to help decorate the room where Leslie and her little girls are living. She says there's room for a Christmas tree! And certainly room for stockings.

If you have a few extra ornaments around your attic, or decorations you don't need any more, or a few extra dollars to spend at K-Mart, let's kit out Leslie's apartment! Leslie is of the opinion that we've done too much already, and I couldn't get her to tell me anything. So I'm suggesting the following, because they're not the basics of life, but they ARE the stuff that make us happy! And if you can think of something else that makes you happy, send that too!

Christmas decorations
stocking presents for the children

Who else has an idea? Leslie agreed that I can put her address in the first comment, so that's where you'll find it, if you want to send her something.

And she asked me to post this:

We are still working through personal thank-you notes for each and every one of you wonderful ladies. But I wanted to send my well-wishes, holiday greetings, and heartfelt thanks for all your generosity and kindness to me and my family. A simple thank-you seems small in comparison to what you have done for us.

Best always and God bless. I wish each of you a wonderful and safe holiday season.

All my love, Leslie

Eloisa James, 7:24 AM