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Sunday, December 18, 2005

From Lisa--I hope you dance

My poor husband. Eleven years of marriage, and he still clings to this idea of maintaining his dignity. As I have been informed, mens' dignity is destroyed when men are forced to do something in public that they are less than proficient at. In Greg's case, this "something" is dancing. So when we were invited to a big formal holiday dance by some friends, Greg's instant reaction was "No way Jose." Actually, his reaction was a little stronger than that, but I'm trying to stay within the limits of good taste.

I wheedled, bribed, cajoled, threatened and implored, to no avail. Finally I said in a despondent voice, "Okay, honey. If you're not comfortable with it, that's all right. I just didn't know that after I got married . . . I would never dance again."

Off to dance lessons, with Greg mumbling beneath his breath the entire time. We started with walking. We worked up to something that might pass for a fox trot. And on Saturday night, we went to the dance.

We weren't the best on the dance floor, but by God, we weren't the worst. And although you'd have to ask Greg what he really thought of it, I think he had a good time in spite of himself. So here's to trying new things, and making these small but important sacrifices for each other. Here's to the beautiful, funny, sometimes awkward but often magical, dance known as love.
Kitty Kuttlestone, 8:41 PM