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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Teresa Searches for the Perfect Boy Toy for Connie's Christmas

Although my romantic tendencies tend to run toward men who are already shaving, Connie has been trying to introduce me to the charms of the younger man. I knew she had a thing for Tobey Maguire but when she confessed her passion for Jake Gyllenhall (JARHEAD, BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN), I penned a note to her daughter Doodah and suggested it might be prudent of her not to bring any of her college boyfriends home to meet Mrs. Robinson...um...I mean Connie.

Then I stumbled across this recent photo of Jake. "Hmmmm..." I thought. Maybe Connie is on to something here. Artfully tousled hair. Soulful blue eyes. Great brows and lashes. A wonderful mouth. Kissable mole. Stamina.

So tell me--who is your favorite boy toy? Tobey? Topher? Jake? Orlando? Daniel Radcliffe? (Okay, I think that one might be a prosecutable offense.) If Santa was going to leave the perfect boy toy under YOUR tree this Christmas, just who would it be?
Teresa Medeiros, 8:56 AM