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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Don't Forget to Join Us Next Week for Our Special Guest Squawker Michael P. Spradlin!

Having shared a dinner table with Mike Spradlin a number of times at the Author Dinner that Avon Books hosts for its writers at the RWA national conference, I can promise you he's a great guy with wonderful insights about the publishing industry in general and how books are marketed in particular. And having read an excerpt of the first SPY GODDESS book, I can also promise you he's a wonderful writer. AND he's a Rat Pack aficionado, which ups his cool quotient to the max. So join us Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for great insights into the teen market, how books are sold, and what guys REALLY think about. Join us for Mike Spradlin: Author Guy. Marketing Guy. Guy Guy.
Elizabeth Bevarly, 6:38 PM