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Saturday, January 14, 2006

ELOISA goes to the flicks...

Is anyone else here a huge fan of classic movies? My family is currently obsessed by watching the first season of Bewitched on DVD and, of course, it's in black-and-white! This is freaking my children out, but I love it. I think everyone looks more beautiful in black and white.

My evidence? Just look at this picture. Elizabeth Taylor never looked so gorgeous (or so sad). Makeup looks perfect in black and white. Lips are always glossy, and eyes are shadowed beautifully.

If you're a fan of black and white movies, there's an amazing website that you ought to check out:

So what's your favorite classic movie, the one that you throw down everything to watch when it shows up on Turner Classics? A Place in the Sun (above) is one of my favorites...how about you?
Eloisa James, 1:24 PM