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Friday, January 13, 2006


Hi everybody,



And in case you're as blind as I am, that's an article written by me appearing in MORE magazine's February issue! Those tiny letters say: "Where does a best-selling romance writer buy her undies? Florence, of course! Eloisa James takes you on Tour."

The article is called For the Love of Florence, and it's (as they say) "an insider's tour of my home away from home." Which means that there are pictures of my favorite beautiful places, one of my husband and me at our favorite restaurant, and another of me with a crumpled skirt but great shoes.

And in case you're wondering about where to buy undies, here's the relevant section:
"There's nothing particularly mysterious about American bras, barring the curious fact that almost 90 percent turn out to be uncomfortable. One shop I love for moda intima is Bisoli on Via degli Speziali, which carries La Perla. (Their bras won't show, won't slip, and will give you the exuberant chest of a breast-feeding mother.)"

So if you happen to stop by CVS or a bookstore this month, please check it out! (This issue just hit the newstands.)

Eloisa James, 6:52 AM