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Monday, January 09, 2006


I was turning out a box of books that my mother rootled out
of her attic and sent my direction the other day. This book
fell out. My son grabbed it, laughing hysterically. "Look at
that skirt!" he yelped.

Well, OK. The pertinently placed rainbow is perhaps a bit dated. The red checked jeans insert is perhaps a bit...awful.

But you know what really surprised me about this? How
much fashion hasn't changed! My daughter has jeans that
are almost as wide as those bell bottoms and most of her
pants have flowers embroidered up the sides. Half of my
own pants are annoyingly prone to hanging below my hips.

When I was in junior high school, this book was my treasured possession. I desperately wanted to start altering all my clothing to make myself the hip, cool, California girl who I should have been, that is, if I wasn't a plump, red-haired girl
A-student growing up on a farm.

So has anyone else out there noticed that fashions never seem to change? Are we going to be wearing hip huggers in our 80's?

Please, tell me it isn't so!
Eloisa James, 1:41 PM