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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Hello My Friends of Squawk! Please take a minute of your time to fill out the survey below so we can better figure out who you are, where youa re and what you want! Thank you so much!

Help Squawk

1. I read Squawk

Once a month
Once a week
Once a day
More than once a day
2. When do I read Squawk?

Before breakfast
In the morning
During the lunch hour
In the afternoon
After dinner
Later at night
3. Where do I read Squawk?

At home
At work
At school
At a coffee shop or bookstore
At a library
4. On an average, I spend how much time reading Squawk when I do read it.

Less than five minutes
Fifteen minutes or less
Half an hour or less
Between one half and one hour
5. I would spend more time reading Squawk if it had a less eye-catching template

I agree
I disagree
6. I generally do not read Squawk on the weekends

I agree with this statement
II disagree with this statement

Connie Brockway, 9:57 PM