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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Kitty Announces a Bunch of Stuff

Okay, so here I am recovering from a very satisfactory weekend, (and I sincerely hope there are some of you out there who know what I mean unlike the losers who "write" this blog and I use the verb in the loosest sense of the word) and who should show up in all her virtual unglory but Christina Dodd, nagging me to do a monthly catching Up with the Squawkers Blog-- amongst other things

After explaining to her

a>that if I were to do such a blog it sure as hell wouldn't be called anything so lame as "Catching Up with The Squawkers" and that

b> my head hurts. Real bad.

I realized frojm the barrage of emails I got from some of the other "gals" that I would have no peace (or sleep) until I did as they wanted and so here it is:


The other crap, in this instance, is interesting for a change.

First of all, I know you're all wondering who won the Fake Memoirs contest-- and let me just go on record here as saying I do not think What's-His-Face Frey did anything outta line. A little embellishment, a bit of editorial spicing up? Big whoop-- anyway all the squawkers got together and voted and though it was real close, they came up with a winner. And for once I gotta go with the girls. That winner is MICHELE.

Here's her winning entry:

"I frantically dug through the debris upon which I rested my head searching for my next high. There had to be something in here, I thought, as I dug through empty snack bags, broken pretzels, someone's used tissues, a stray filthy sock; they were all tossed aside as I scrabbled through the rubbish. My clothes were streaked with mucous, a stray pea, and some other less savory fluids, but it didn't matter, so long as I could find the means to assuage the craving, the pounding, the need, the desire. At last, I dug out the chocolate covered espresso bean that I had dropped in the sofa cushions and gratefully popped it in my mouth as my three year old screamed "Another pony ride!!! More twirls!!!" behind me."

Good stuff, Michele. Steve would be proud! (But between the two of us, I would go light on the clever and well-written for a while. Makes the squawkers insecure, if ya know what I mean...)


The Squawkers have landed a really great guest this week: The one, the only, the incomparable


author of erotica and uber-hot historicals!

which reminds me, IF YOU GUYS WOULD JUST FILL OUT THE BRAVENET SQUAWKER NEWSLETTER ALERT (conveniently located beneath the counter on the left hand side) you would get all this and more information not only about Squawk Radio but individually from each of the squawker as she has news worth sharing--or, in Brockway's case, not worth sharing! So do it!

Speaking of whom, let's hear from them.


Connie is stunned that Kitty would stab her in the back like that. Stunned by the force of the blow, not surprised that it happened. She has this to say:

"We're conferencing the cover and title for my first contemporary, a fun, irreverent book about having it all. I think the title has been narrowed down to two choices and the cover is evolving. As soon as I know anything for sure, I'll spill all.

The book, too, is evolving. Sort of like a family recipe. I started out making mushroom/tuna/casserole (with Guhrke's onions on top) and it's become something else entirely. Even more tasty and definitely original!"

Eloisa has something really exciting to announce (shuddup, Kitty! It is so exciting!)...anyway...

I'm going on TV! CBS Sunday Morning, on February 12th (their Valentine's segment). The lovely, incomparable Elsie, who regularly visits this very blog, invited me to join her romance readers' group and be interviewed by CBS. To say I am excited would be...beyond an understatement. I bought a pink suit. Yes: pink from head to toe. Pink jacket. Pink skirt. PINK shoes with diamond buckles. I am going to be a living Valentine (I said, shuddup, Kitty!)

My website is cooking along...I have a new Bulletin in the Readers' Pages, revealing a few choice things that are going to happen in Book Four of the Sisters series. There's a sneak peek of Taming of the Duke. And February 1st I'm putting up a new Behind the Scenes -- Behind the More photo shoot. Come on by!

Yeah, yeah, Michele wonderful writer great memoir, blah blah (How could Kitty say Michele is making us insecure???) Congratulations to Michele! What else? Oh, Eloisa’s going to go on television, pink suit, blah blah, Valentine’s Day whoopie. Congratulations to Eloisa!
Now … what about Christina????

Only two weeks until THE BAREFOOT PRINCESS hits the stands! Romantic Times Magazine gave THE BAREFOOT PRINCESS its highest rating and said, “Dodd delivers another delightfully inventive story, adding a double dose of her sparkling humor, memorable characters and a bit of bondage to a grown-up fairy tale." And I hardly had to bribe the reviewer at all! A little Godiva, some kissing up …

One of the wonderful things about THE BAREFOOT PRINCESS (in addition to it being Amy’s story, the second book of the Lost Princess series) is that it will give me a chance to meet so many of you, because my publisher is sending me on book tour! I’ll be signing books in Portland Oregon, Seattle Washington, Buffalo New York, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, and speaking at the Scranton Cultural Center in Scranton Pennsylvania about my early writing years and the challenges you face on your own road to publication. Check out my tour schedule at http://www.christinadodd.com/signings.htm. I hope to meet you all soon!

Now that was interesting!

Teresa is currently chained to her upstairs writing desk putting the finishing touches on her October 2006 release without a gladiator in sight. She has no life, speaks to no one, and hates everyone with a more glamorous life than her (which at the moment would include Eloisa, all her other fellow Squawkers, and her UPS man).

She WILL be updating her website (www.teresamedeiros.com) at the beginning of February with title and release news about Portia and Julian's story along with a fabulous new February contest!

She is living for February 2nd when she will depart for the 2006: A Romance Odyssey conference in Cocoa Beach, Florida. She'll be presenting 3 panels there, taking long walks on the beach, signing books, and hobnobbing with pals like Lori and Tony Karayianni (Tori Carrington), Jacquie D., and Madeline Hunter. You can find more info about the conference here: http://www.authorsofromance.com/conference.htm

Now, if you'll excuse her, it's back to the dungeon!!!
Kitty Kuttlestone, 8:08 PM