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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Xtina Dodd introduces the next Squawk Radio blogger!

This Tuesday, Squawk Radio is going to bring you something totally different.

A guy.

And not just any guy. I met Michael Spradlin nine years ago when I started writing for Avon Books. Mike is one of those heroes in the romance industry — a guy who sells romance to bookstores, who stands tall for the industry, who boldly goes where no man has gone before.

And now he has indeed boldly gone … in fact, he’s done it twice.

Mike Spradlin writes young adult novels. The series is SPY GODDESS. Book one (which will be released in paperback on Tuesday) is called LIVE AND LET SHOP, and tells the story of teenager Rachel Buchanan, shipped off to spy school where she learns Tae Kwon Do and how to read code. Before long she’s rescuing her headmaster from an unknown international threat.

Book two, TO HAWAII WITH LOVE, will also be released in hardcover on Tuesday, and is Rachel’s second spy adventure.

Having survived a teenage son and now a teenage daughter, Mike has absorbed how teenagers speak and think — and this week, he’s going to let us in on how he wrote his books, how guys speak and think, and how his end of the publishing business works.

Check it out on Tuesday when Mike Spradlin blogs with Squawk Radio.

But brace yourself. He's a guy.
Christina Dodd, 12:14 AM