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Tuesday, February 21, 2006



Pam won our Valentine's Day contest, which asked how you would spend $200 on yourself, with no philanthropic ideas in mind. Many of you wrote so beautifully about having dinner with your mother, or your husband, or your sister, or buying huge amounts of Calvin & Hobbes for half-grown relatives...the Squawkers were moved. Really! It takes a lot to get us sentimental.

But in the end, we had to go with the entry that we thought had the most utterly deserving self-interest together with creativity and lust (our favorite characteristics).

So, Pam, CONGRATULATIONS! If you would email me (Eloisa) your snail mail address, I'll nag each of the Squawkers into getting a signed book in the mail to you!

And here's the winning entry:

With the $200 gripped tightly in my hand, I will use my frequent flyer miles to zoom over to the Godiva Chocolate headquarters. I then will take my precious money and USE IT AS A BRIBE! I will look for the sappiest, most gullible-looking employee and bribe them into allowing me to swim in a vat of dark Godiva chocolate. If I should drown in it, then I figure that's the way the Lord meant for me to die!!!!


Eloisa James, 10:44 AM