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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Chickens? Naw...Swans!!

In case anyone out there is as obsessed as the Squawkers...the final of the women's Olympic skating is tonight. And while we're all planning to watch, we found the costumes a leeetle bit disappointing on Tuesday. They just didn't live up to the pure vulgarity of the men's costumes--and let's not even talk about those white pasties in the pairs dance!

So where were the pasties? Where were the feathers? Where were the really revolting sequins that only barely cover the breast area--not to mention those weird flesh colored slips they wear under the violent red satin?

If you ask me, the top female skaters (and don't anyone break the news on the comments--we are keeping the finals a surprise until we watch it with our own eyes tonight!) -- anyway, we thought the women looked pretty elegant on Tuesday. Even...graceful. Even...romantic.

Thank goodness, there were a FEW costumes in this Olympics that could really raise your envy. I mean...we do want Connie to wear something like this to the next Romance Writers of America meeting, don't we? Connie, O Swan Princess? (did I mean chicken?)

What was your favorite costume, everybody?
Eloisa James, 3:18 PM