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Thursday, February 09, 2006


So does everyone know what Library Journal is? Just in case you don't, I hasten to tell you that it is the professional journal for all the librarians in America. And is it smart? Oh boy. Magazines don't come along with better taste, perspicuity, all around judgment and literary taste than this. Yes, sirree.

Among the many, many intelligent judgments they make daily, they just issued a list of the five best romances of 2005.

The only drawback is that -- oh sadness! -- they seem to have forgotten some of the Squawkers.

Well...most of the Squawkers.

OK...all except for MOI.

Not that I'm boasting for anything -- but here's the list!

Goodman, Jo. A Season To Be Sinful. Zebra: Kensington. ISBN 0-8217-7775-0 [ISBN 978-0-8217-7775-6]. pap. $6.50.

A female footpad who saves the life of a nobleman finds love, as well as inevitable danger, when she and the three street urchins she "protects" end up in the care of the grateful viscount. Passion, humor, and memorable characters add warmth to a romance that delves into the Regency period's seamier aspects and the darker side of human nature. (LJ 8/05)

James, Eloisa. Kiss Me, Annabel. Avon. ISBN 0-06-073210-5 [ISBN 978-0-06-073210-3]. pap. $6.99.

A lovely young aristocrat sets out to find an appropriate husband-preferably rich, English, and pleasant-and ends up with an impoverished, take-charge Scotsman instead. This second volume in James's "Essex Sisters" series is an intelligent, beautifully written romance with a large cast of fascinating characters. (LJ 11/15/05)

Landis, Jill Marie. Heartbreak Hotel. Ballantine. ISBN 0-345-45330-1 [ISBN 978-0-345-45330-3]. $23.95.

In this heartwarming conclusion to Landis's "Twilight Cove" trilogy, a widow works to restore a derelict hotel along the California coast and happens upon a new life-and a new love-with the help of the resident ghost. (LJ 4/15/05)

Moore, Kate. Sexy Lexy. Love Spell: Dorchester. ISBN 0-505-52623-9 [ISBN 978-0-505-52623-6]. pap. $6.99.

A popular fitness guru seeks anonymity as an inn owner in a coastal town and discovers love with the local handyman (and famous architect)-until her sexy workout book blows her cover. This funny romance has a serious core and is historical writer Moore's first foray into the contemporary arena. (LJ 4/15/05)

Phillips, Susan Elizabeth. Match Me If You Can. Morrow. ISBN 0-06-079355-8. $24.95.

Phillips is in top form in a hilarious romp that mixes a heroine desperate to save her inherited matchmaking business and a superstar sports agent hero too busy to find his own bride, throws in a rival matchmaker for good measure, and lets the sparks fly. (LJ 6/1/05)

We'd better skip any sort of congrats for me or Connie might do something mean to my little angelic chicken body... so: which of the other books did you read, and what did you think? Have you read another book by these authors? The only one I've read on the list is SEP's Match Me, which I absolutely adored. Speaking of which, Susan herself is coming on the blog to guest blog for the paperback publication of Match Me!
Eloisa James, 9:36 AM