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Sunday, February 12, 2006


Kitty here to announce (under duress) that all the Squawkers wish you the bestest Valentine's Day ever blah blah blah and in the spirit of making your Valentine's Day blah blah blah they are devoting the entire week to relationships.

There. That should be good enough. Can I go back to watching Jerry Springer now?

Hold on, Eloisa is tugging on my sleeve. Crap.

Oh yeah, it seems that on Valentine's Day itself, the squawkers are going to hold a little contest, the winner of which is going to get a bona fide PRIZE!

Let's face it, kids, getting this crew to spring for anything that actually costs money is like getting a hand job from the Venus de Milo. So be awed. I am.

Ho-kay, on with the roll call about what's happenin' in the perennially fascinating lives (pfffbt) of our little chicks...

Eloisa here...I spent the day sulking over my chocolate sandwiches (amazing how much chocolate a person can eat if you really put your mind into it) because I got dumped from the CBS program on romance. Other than that...my website is hopping these days, what with people speculating about Gabe, the possible hero of TAMING OF THE DUKE, and Rafe's illegitimate brother. I'm running a special contest called "Dreaming Up Gabriel." Everyone who enters gets a signed coverflat mailed to them -- and the winner gets an ARC of TAMING. So please come on over and get it a shot!

Lisa here!--I'm still in deep cover mode as I write last few chapter of my big Texas contemporary novel. As with nearly every novel I've ever written, I have gained weight, let the housework go, and gotten sick. Something about finishing a novel invites exotic illness. I've heard this from other writers too. But in spite of it all, I'm having such a wonderful time. I love this book! Tomorrow I'm going Valentine shopping at Tar-jay and buying the equivalent of my weight in chocolate. Love to all!

Teresa spent the weekend putting the finishing FINISHING touches on her October release THE VAMPIRE WHO LOVED ME. (Which means she finished her revisions!) She's hosting a February contest over at www.teresamedeiros.com with the Grand Prize being 2 autographed hardcovers. In celebration of Valentine's Day and finishing her book, her husband got her a fabulous 30 GB IPOD with video, which means she's no longer the only person in the world WITHOUT an IPOD. Her Valentine plans include finally getting her bangs trimmed, going to see Bon Jovi in Nashville, ignoring the fact that she gained weight while on deadline, and eating a LOT of Godiva truffles.

Christina posts an INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT BOOKTOUR CHANGE! The autographing in Philadelphia on Wednesday, February 15 at the Walmart on #1 Franklin Mills Blvd is at 6pm!! The previously announced time is wrong!! Also, don't forget to watch my television interview on WCAU-TV CHANNEL 10 (NBC) sometime between 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM EST. Today, between 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM Monday, February 13 I'm autographing at TUDOR BOOKSHOP/TLC BOOK CLUB, 651 Wyoming Ave., Kingston, PA 18704. Between 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM, I'll be signing at WALMART on 1201 Oak Street in Pittston, PA. I'd love to meet you!

And oh yeah, Connie said you can make yourself some jpgs of valentine hearts with your own messages on them at the following website: www.cryptogram.com/hearts/
Kitty Kuttlestone, 6:03 PM