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Friday, February 24, 2006

Lisa on "Small Indulgences"

Every now and then we all need a little treat. Even if we don’t deserve it. In fact, it’s even better when we don’t deserve it. A little taste of the forbidden, something that costs just a little too much or has too many calories . . . or it can be something like taking a sick day when you’re not sick so you can go to a movie you’ve been dying to see.

Life is not worth living without these small indulgences.

A few mornings ago, my husband Greg used my expensive face soap in the shower. All over his body. When I realized this, I protested that face soap is ten times more expensive than body soap, and he should use the appropriate soap for the appropriate areas. (In other words, touch my face soap again and you’re toast.) This morning, I discovered a second bottle of said expensive soap, sitting proudly next to the first. One bottle is for my face, the other is for Greg’s . . . whatever. It’s his small indulgence, and I’m not going to say a word about it.

How could I complain, when I buy premium ice cream in the tiny cartons instead of the much cheaper brands? Or when I buy a hardcover because I know there is no way I can wait a year for the paperback version?

This is my favorite small indulgence : department store lipstick. Fifteen to twenty dollars a tube--shameful! And yet I buy it. Not just as a treat for my lips, but as a nice little pat on my own back. Here, me, have a treat.

What is your favorite small indulgence? Let us know your suggestions, so we can all sin together!
Lisa Kleypas, 8:09 AM