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Saturday, February 18, 2006


This is the Bestseller page from Publishers' Weekly, the professional journal for all publishers and booksellers in the US. And guess who appears in this week's publishers' weekly in a place of pride? Yes! It's our very own Squawker, Christina Dodd! Here's two views of it, because not only did PW make The Barefoot Princess the fourteenth best-selling novel in the entire country, but they did a special little pull-out feature on Christina. That's the (slightly askew) close-up down below.

You KNOW somebody's getting famous when she's a clue in the LA Times crossword: "Romance Novelists Christina."

I don't know if everyone can read the pull-out (I can't), so here's what it says:

In a late fall LA Times crossword puzzle, clue 13 down is "romance author Christina." The answer was Dodd, proving the popular romance author has come a long way. PW's review of her latest, The Barefoot Princess, noted: "Dodd's intelligent historical romances never fail to please."

I guess the only complaint we have is that it should be "Romance SQUAWKER Christina."

Or better: "Romance Squawker Connie."

Oh, forget that part, "Romance Novelist Terri."

BEST OF ALL! "Romance Novelist ELOISA!"

Jokes aside...this is a huge triumph for Christina. It means that PW, like the LA Times recognizes her as one of the most celebrated and beloved novelists of our genre.



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