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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


1) She's wearing her "I FINISHED A BOOK TODAY, WHAT DID YOU DO?" t-shirt even though it's February and 20 degrees outside

2) Her editor and agent burst into a spontaneous rendition of the "Hallelulah Chorus", accompanied by a choir of celestial angels

3) There's no more microwavable ravioli in the pantry

4) Her pants don't fit anymore and she can't figure out why although she has a fuzzy memory of eating cake directly out of the pan at 1 a.m. in the morning

5) There's a cat she doesn't recognize sitting on her bed looking at her

6) There's a man she doesn't recognize sitting on her bed looking at her (Oh, wait, that's her husband!)

7) Her bangs are down to her chin (Okay, she stole that from Liz's blog about finishing a book, but hey--they both have bangs!)

8) She locks all of her keys in the trunk of her car and doesn't care, even though the trunk latch inside the car doesn't work either

9) Bright sunlight makes her scream, "My eyes! My eyes!"

10) Christina says, "Thank God! Now you can start being nice again!" and Connie replies with, "I didn't know she was ever nice???"

So what do YOU think Teresa should do to celebrate finally finishing THE VAMPIRE WHO LOVED ME (coming October 2006 from Avon Books)? Should she head to Dairy Queen for a Heath blizzard? Buy herself a sweet piece of jewelry? Hire a locksmith to get her keys out of her trunk? Or just reintroduce herself to her husband and cats? What's YOUR favorite thing to do to celebrate when you finish a major project?
Teresa Medeiros, 8:40 AM