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Saturday, February 11, 2006


Here are some fun photos from the Cocoa Beach conference with some of our former Squawk Radio Guest Bloggers!

First up is my "very special gift" from the irrepressible Jacquie D. That's right. It's a puppy. And it actually wiggles and moves its mouth and croons PUPPY LOVE. And yes, that IS a picture of Donny Osmond hanging around his neck, crafted especially for me by Jacquie D. herself. Ya gotta love that gal! (And that pup!)

Next up is the adorable Lori and Tony Karayianni (Tori Carrington). We've been friends for 17 years now and they just keep getting younger and better looking. We shared some incredible meals on this trip, including a stop at Sonny's BBQ, shepherd's pie and corn beef at Irish pub Meg O' Malley's in Old Melbourne, and a fabulous homemade Cajun feast prepared by Bruce Kelly, the husband of Temptation and HQN author Leslie Kelly. I tried to go swimming in Leslie's chocolate fountain with disastrous results!

And here I am with the gorgeous and talented Jacquie D'Alessandro herself, who has the funniest "frog in the toilet story" that I've ever heard. For a writer who now resides in Atlanta, Jacquie also has the coolest New York accent ever. (Or would that be New Yawk?)

And last but certainly not least, here I am stealing a hug from the beautiful and gracious Debbie Macomber, who is just as warm, sweet and funny as her books.

(Disclaimer: The pale, haggard look and untrimmed bangs you see Teresa sporting here are the result of post-deadline collapse, also known as PDC. Since she had just finished writing about the undead, she thought she would try to look like one.)

Teresa Medeiros, 3:14 PM