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Monday, March 13, 2006


Karen Hawkins writes. In Tennessee. At home. At her computer. While eating oreos and drinking Diet coke. In the nude.

Ok, ok, she's just kidding about the In The Nude part, but the rest of it is true.

Karen Hawkins began writing in 1996 at the grand age of (EDITED) while working on her PhD in political science. When she sold her first book in 1998, she did what all good grad students do -- she burned her stats book on her front lawn and promptly dropped out of school.

Since then, Karen has published eleven books and two novellas, made the USA Today list, the NYT extended list, won the prestigious MAGGIE award, finaled twice in the RITAS, earned a place on the Romance Writers of America's Honor Roll, and is president of Tennessee's only Hugh Jackman Is Hot Fan Club.

Karen's deepest desire beyond world peace is to find a way to eat anything she wants without gaining weight.

Like Oreos. Reese Cups. Cadbury eggs. Caramellos. And pies.

ALL pies.
Teresa Medeiros, 3:21 PM